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It can clean up the exhausted air, eliminate unpleasant odors.How? The electric current generates a negative ion and converts an oxygen molecule into ozone.Properties: - 40 W - 230 V / 50 Hz - in rooms of 15-25 m2 - height: 40 cm - weight: 600 gFeatures: - lamp&nbs..
Ex Tax:7,008Ft
Air purifier fresh clean air acan provide home, office, or place of employment. In our living room, in our bedroom, there can be many particles in the air, e,g. dust, pollen. Deposition of these particles on furniture and objects can seriously interfere with allergies. Air Cleaner LR 130 c..
Ex Tax:31,488Ft
Electric bicycle with auxiliary electric drive suitable for larger bicycle tours or urban transport. These bikes can make the movement easier, but the cycling experience is not lost.You can charge the battery in the apartment except the bike.Properties:- LCD display: Displays all the necessary infor..
Ex Tax:392,913Ft
Electric bicycle that facilitates everyday traffic.Unisex is recommended for both men and women. It provides a comfortable straight posture and is therefore recommended for longer tours. It is characterized by low crossing height and graceful lines.Front, rear mudguard and boot kit.The design of the..
Ex Tax:381,890Ft
The electric broom is one of the most agile, most practical and effective cleaning tools nowadays. Thanks to its special design, the electric broom can be even more efficient, even without bending the furniture.360 degree swivel head: remove dirt from the most difficult places to access. Unlike othe..
Ex Tax:6,220Ft
Portable induction hob:- High strength enamelled glass- Digital touch panel- 24-hour programmable timer- 10-degree strength- Manual control: 4 preset programs: hot, soup, coffee and rice- Temperature range: 70 ºC to 280 ºC- Auto power off- Overheating protection- Timer function (180 minutes)- Econom..
Ex Tax:9,441Ft
Would you like to relax without the flies disturbing you? The new and ingenious insect repellent will not disturb the flies and you will have no problem. A simple and effective way to easily flick the flies.- Made of ABS- 2 blades with 20 cm- Reflective holographic dots in the blades to control flie..
Ex Tax:3,929Ft
Convenient and practical LCD digital tablet that is perfect for children and adults to make drawings, learn, write, write notes and messages, etc.Features:- Made of ABS- LCD screen- smart pen- Ultra-thin, so it's easy to carry in a backpack and bag.- Auto clear button- 8.5 inch screen- Works with ba..
Ex Tax:3,858Ft
Clean air is essential for our health. Different bacteria usually pollute indoor air. Freshness and cleanliness are important for our well-being. But unfortunately this is often what is missing in our home, office, shop.The LURA Air Purifier cleans, filters and moisturizes the air and has no time to..
Ex Tax:11,732Ft
Fry and cook healthier food with up to 75% less fat!Features:-4,5 l-80 °C - 200 °C-1500 W-0-30 minutes timer-easy to clean up Warning:-Don't pour too much oil in the device!Important informations: Place of origin: own product We provide a one-year manufacturer's and ..
Ex Tax:19,606Ft
High quality Arnica hand mixer with 1200 W capacity. Usable:  - creams, sauces preparation - the fruits, vegetables, and meat processing Attributes: - capacity: 1200 W - stainless steel blades - turbo function - 1,3 l mix - 600 ml measuring cup ..
Ex Tax:12,520Ft
Merlin Pro hand and floor vakuum cleaner with double HEPA filter. Ideal for a household, for quick and easy cleaning. Little weight, therefore, easy with the cleaning. Package contents:  - Merlin Pro cleaner - crevice cleaner - upholstery cleaning head - floor..
Ex Tax:19,606Ft
The perfect kitchen utensil.The Arnica multi shredder with different dishes can create. With its 500 W capacity, you can crush any spices vegetables, fruits. Usable: -parsley, onion, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, cheese, boiled eggs, garlic, biscuits, spices, meat shop.Features:  - ..
Ex Tax:6,220Ft
The Tesla Vakuum Cleaner can deliver extremely high cleaning performance. Thanks to its 3 l tank, you can collect a lot of dirt and dust, you can easily empty your tank. One of the quietest devices on the market, thanks to Cylon-Max technology. Can be used on carpet, tiles, parquet, l..
Ex Tax:43,228Ft
The beard-trimming bib is easy and comfortable to shave, because the fur fall in the apron, not in the washbasin. After this it is easy to throw in the trash. Features: - material: polyester - reinforced edges, neck section with adjustable velcro - 2 volume with suckers..
Ex Tax:3,071Ft
This cleaning machine is designed for our busy life. It cleans, cures and dries the floor at the same time.Advantage: -old, worn carpets can get color again-make the cleaning easier -vacuum clean, wash, dry the floor at the same time-can be used on tiles, carpets and floors-easy charging a..
Ex Tax:66,921Ft
Blender for crushing, pulverizing, coffee grinding, crushing fruits and vegetables.Features: - mixing bowl: 1,5 l - coffee-grinder: 350 ml - strong degree of 4  - easy to manageable and clean  - stainless steel blades - power: 400 W - capacity: 1500 ..
Ex Tax:5,110Ft
ARNICA BORA IS THE NEW GENERATION VACUUM CLEANER WITH WATER FILTRATION Ideal for allergy sufferers and households with children and/or pets, or everyone else who is looking for outstanding performance and outcomes! Arnica Bora is the most practical, safe and user friendly water f..
Ex Tax:39,291Ft
Environmentally friendly and the main enemy of dust.The Arnica Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner is ideal allergy sufferers, households with children, and families living with their pets.The product has been teste and certified by the European allergy Research CenterArnica Bora 5000 can bind all dust, d..
Ex Tax:58,976Ft
Every kitchen tool is the knife.Contents of the package: - 1 pc. ceramic peeler - 1 pc. less ceramic knife  - 1 pc. bigger ceramic knife - 1 pc. cutting board with ergonomic handleImportant informations:Place of origin: EUWe provide a one-year manufacturer's and replacement ..
Ex Tax:1,496Ft
Air Purifier or Humidifier?Comedes Lavaero will do all of them.The device can release water into the air and thus improve indoor air quality.The built-in unit has  fiberglass filter.The fiberglass filter can not only remove air from the air but also pollen, animal hair and dust.Comedes humidifi..
Ex Tax:29,055Ft
- dust bag and cordless 3-in-1 cyclone broom vacuum cleaner: standing vacuum cleaner, hand vacuum cleaner and broom vacuum cleaner- Lithium ion battery : 25.9 V ( 2400 W suction efficiency )- Battery time: 45 minutes (half char ged)- Rotating arm: reaches hard to reach places- Turbo and Eco modes: m..
Ex Tax:31,417Ft
Dream of mothers with small children!Dormicur Dryer=Dry clothes quickly, comfortable and regardless of the weather. We recommend using Dormicur Dryer: - for families with small childrens  - if you need clothing quickly  - to make ironing easier  -&nb..
Ex Tax:21,181Ft
Full suspension electric mountain bike with 26 "tire and aluminum alloy frame.Electric bicycles are different from conventional bicycles in that the pedaling is assisted by an electric motor.That way, there will be no more hurdles with the rising, the longer weekend tour, or the ones who are more ed..
Ex Tax:392,913Ft
Electric frying pan (36 cm) Electric frying pan (36 cm)
New Online Only
The multifunctional electric frying pan is ideal for making pizza, gyros, crepes, paella, steak, sausage, fish, couscous and many other dishes. The device has 5 heating grade and 1 keeping warm function. Electric oven for grilling, panning, baking, cooking. Features:-depth: 7 cm-diameter: ..
Ex Tax:5,433Ft
The multi functional electric frying pan is ideal for making pizza, gyros, crepes, paella, steak, sausage, fish, couscous and many other dishes. The device has 5 heating grade and 1 keeping warm function.  Electric oven for grilling, panning, baking, cooking.  Features:-dept..
Ex Tax:7,472Ft
Portable electric mini oven, which can fit in campsites and small flats. You can prepare or heat your favoruite pastries.Features:- capacity: 10 l - material: stainless steel- power: 1000 W- timer: 60 minutes- temperature: max. 230ºC Important informations: Place of or..
Ex Tax:10,622Ft
An effective and deadly trap for flies, mosquitos and other insects. Thanks to its UVA light it attracts insects, which get struck down as they come into contact with the electric mesh inside. A handy and simple method that runs on electricity and doesn't use harmful chemicals, nor emit..
Ex Tax:4,717Ft
Enjoy the pleasant cool environment. The fan can refresh the air with the micro particles. You can choose from 3 operating speeds: low -night mode, medium-saving mode, high-turbo mode. Integrated security sistem:-5 large diameter (40 cm) blades (can allow the greater air flow)-safety grill..
Ex Tax:35,354Ft
If you don't want to turn the lights, or your eyes can't stand the lights, then this kettle with LED lighting is designed for you! Features:- material: stainless steel, hard plastic, glass- LED light- on/off button- automatic opening- lime filter- easy to clean- max. capacity: 1,7 l- min. capac..
Ex Tax:7,472Ft
Enjoy the different colors in the shower! This should be connected to the shower tube. When the water is flowing, it will automatically start the light. The bathing will be water-saving, because the water flows through tiny holes. Features: - size: 12x23x3 cm - mat..
Ex Tax:7,472Ft
Mega mop moped Mega mop moped
New Pre-Order
360 degree rotating mop with a practical centrifuge that can be spun using the built-in pedal.The centrifuge can rotate up to 2000 rpm, allowing faster drying.Can be used on tiles, tiles, flooring, linoleum, parquet. Thanks to its adjustable handle, parts underneath the furniture are easier to acces..
Ex Tax:6,220Ft
Portable mini washing machine for easier cleaning. Preferences: - space-saving: 39 x 37 x 50 cm - portable, mulitfunction - usable in camping, ship, college, trip - ideal for washing small amounths of clothing - just fill the device with water - low water and energ..
Ex Tax:15,740Ft
Mobil climate with digital display and remote control. When using, just fill the tank with water and choose from a variety of airflows. The cooler the water is, the cooler the air is blowing.Features:  - power: 65 W - 3 different airflow choises - 1-12 hour timer - 6 l ..
Ex Tax:25,976Ft
It's a practical and versatile blender that lets you quickly and efficiently produce the finest sauces, smoothies, purees, healthy and natural juices, etc. It is very easy to use, because you just have to press the top.Properties: - Made of ABS, PP and stainless steel - modern and function..
Ex Tax:14,094Ft
The Enrico 3in1 ergonomic file is very easy to use. It also contains several interchangeable blades that can be used to cut thin slices.The removable socket makes it easy to separate the grilled foods.Features:- stainless steel- interchangeable cutter, file inserts- dishwasher safe- suitable for: cu..
Ex Tax:2,354Ft
The Princess crushed ice making machine is modern in appearance and silver, so it looks great in any kitchen. Ideal for making drinks or cocktails, but also suitable for keeping fish, fruits or desserts cold.Ideal for ice hockey, cocktails, etc., or even foods that need crushed ice.Features: - ..
Ex Tax:14,094Ft
The robotic vacuum cleaner does exactly what its name suggests: an artificially endowed structure can clean the apartment independently.The results of robotics were initially utilized by researchers only in the world of space research and military technology. Just one and a half decades ago, the dev..
Ex Tax:35,354Ft
Easy to store anywhere. Max. 8-12 pairs of shoes placement(depends on the number of shoes)Attributes:  - 4 shelf - material: iron and plastic - size: 50x19x57 cm - shipping: unassembledImportant informations:Place of origin: EUWe provide a one-year manufacturer's and re..
Ex Tax:1,567Ft
This is a compact handheld vacuum cleaner, witch delivers 600 W power. Features: - 2 in 1: hand and crumb vacuum cleaner in one device - easy to use, clean and charge - maximum flexibility - stabile standing function  - 600 W power - HEPA f..
Ex Tax:14,882Ft
The spray mop can be used on any floor. No more effort is nedded for mopping.  Advantages:  - can be used on any floor - continuous dosing of the detergent in front of the mop head (if you use a detergent, when mopping) - hygienic - do not scratch the floor -&..
Ex Tax:3,693Ft
Important informations:Place of origin: EUWe provide a one-year manufacturer's and replacement warranty from the date of purchase for this product. If you are dissatisfied and the item were purchased within 15 days, we will issue you the full refund. If your ordered product fails, contact ..
Ex Tax:5,898Ft
The Top Chef mixer has an elegant look and great features. Accessiores and possibilities:    -made of high quality materials     -more than 20 appurtenance    -fits all modern kitchen     -compact size    -easy to maintainThe mixer com..
Ex Tax:35,354Ft
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