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Acupressure mattress

Acupressure mattress
Acupressure mattress

The acupressure mattress can help you with the deep relaxation you achieve, and may stimulate the acupressure points. 

The flower-shaped are plastic plates stimulates the acupressure points.


 - after 10-15 minutes of use, peptide hormones can flow through the entire body

 - 20-30 minutes of use can significantly reduce stress and pain

 - after 30-40 minutes of use, the pain can be greatly reduced, and the ability to act can multiply


 - help the deep relaxation you achieved

 - can increase  body oxygen uptake

 - you can improve your digestion and sleep

 - rheumatic complaints, neck and well inflammation

 - you can improve the quality of life

 - you can increase your energy levels

 - reduce your stress levels

 - can boost the blood circulation and vitalize the body


 - do not use on swollen or irritated skin

 - do not use coagulation disorders, or blood thinners in case of application

 - place the mattress in a stable place

 - avoid sudden movements, when lying on the mattress


 - mattress: 68 x 42 cm

 - pillow: 39 x 15 x 10 cm

 - bag: 21 x 54 cm


 - cover: 100% cotton

 - plastic flower-shaped

 - do not washable

 - just soapy, wet cloth to clean



Important informations:

Place of origin: EU

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